The Property Race Day has been proud to support so many hugely worthwhile charities both here in the UK and abroad. LandAid, the property industry's charity, benefits each year, whilst, other charities we have supported over the years have finalised inspirational three year projects with our help.

We aim to reflect the property industry's ever-genorous support by selecting charities involving elements of construction, and in the process achieving our charitable mission, in helping children anywhere in the world by alleviating poverty and suffering , improving health and providing opportunities for education and training.

our choosen charities

Children's Trust
Land Aid
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Sebastian's Action Trust
Chenobyl children in need

The Children's Trust

Our vision is that all children with a brain injury have the opportunity to live the best life possible. We provide expert rehabilitation, education, therapy and care to support children and families from across the UK at our national specialist centre, helping children make the best recovery possible after a serious accident or illness.

We also support children and families in their own communities, through our brain injury specialist service based in the UK's paediatric major trauma centres, our mobile brain injury community team and our online information and advice services.

The children's trust

Land Aid

LandAid works to improve the lives of children and young people in the UK who experience disadvantage due to their economic or social circumstances. As a charitable foundation supported by the property industry, LandAid finds ways to apply the generosity and expertise of the industry to this cause.

Thanks to the collective action of over 100 companies and thousands of individuals in the property industry, we invest over £1m each year in charities which support the most vulnerable young people, giving money and expertise to help them improve their buildings and spaces, and as a result expand their reach.

Chernobyl Children in Need


In 1986 a nuclear accident occurred at Chernobyl in Northern Ukraine. 70% of deadly radioactive isotopes sent into the atmosphere fell on Belarus. Thousands of local people died through Chernobyl related illnesses. Evacuation of the area and closure of the plant failed to prevent the continuing calamity which will affect Belarusians for many years to come.

CCIN’s work is concentrated just outside the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Formed in 1999 and run by volunteers, the charity focuses on alleviating suffering through child sponsorship, building improvement projects, humanitarian aid and respite holidays. Innovative projects in schools, hospitals and orphanages help children with disabilities and in poverty realise their potential through education, development and therapy. Better food and hygiene improves children’s weakened immune systems to help fight illness.

CCIN thanks Property Raceday for funding a key sustainable project to help children living with the legacy of Chernobyl lead a more positive, fruitful life.

Chernobyl Children in Need


SOS Children’s Villages is the world’s largest charity looking after orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children. We work in 125 countries to prevent family breakdown and care for children who have lost parental care, or who risk losing it. We work with communities, partners and states to ensure that the rights of all children, in every society, are respected and fulfilled.

Our family strengthening programmes are specifically targeted to the needs of each community and family help families stay together, identifying the needs of each community and family. Through material support, training, education, counselling and more, we build parent’s capacities to care for their children and break the cycle of poverty.

SOS Children's Village

Sebastian's Action Trust

Sebastian’s Action Trust is a charity developed from the last wish of one very special nine year old boy just twelve days before he died of cancer in 2003. Sebastian’s aim was simple, yet vital for those facing the loss of a beloved child; he wanted to create a private place where lifelong memories could be made, even if that life was to be cruelly cut short.

Sebastian’s wish became a reality in July 2011, when The Bluebells, a purpose built facility funded, designed and constructed by the charity opened its doors. Nothing like this previously existed in the UK, making The Bluebells the first of its kind and Sebastian’s vision all the more exceptional.
Through The Bluebells, Sebastian’s Action Trust’s purpose is to help families reach beyond their child’s illness or disability and enjoy time together, away from the rigours of hospital, gruelling treatment schedules and prying eyes.

Since 2011 the Trust has expanded its remit to provide outreach support to families, offering many forms of emotional, social and practical assistance to help through the good days, the bad days and everything in between. Sebastian’s Action Trust walk alongside families of life-limited and seriously-ill children from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. The service has evolved from listening to families and striving to address their unmet needs. There is a focus on finding ways to support individual family members as well as the whole family unit, recognising that a young person’s complex health needs impact on each and every one in a myriad of ways.

Sebastian's Action Trust

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